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Bryan Douglas-Henry

"Absolutely mind blowing! In 40 minutes we got over 100 connections and I have an interview and meeting set up for next week."

Natasha Bouma

"I got 30 messages, 60 new connections and 17 endorsements just from today!"

Henry Vermeulen

"It has completely blown my mind with how many people I can reach directly ... I can really connect with who I want to connect with."

Gio Colussi

"I wasn't sure how to do it and had a completely untapped resource in LinkedIn. I didn't realise that I could tap into this! I'm looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practise."

Amanda Stergianos

"I have come out of it with a very clear intention ... I discovered a whole new way of finding customers. Thanks to Matt and his team - today has been invaluable!"

Lisa Rouhana

"I didn't believe in LinkedIn, I didn't even know what the point was! I am so excited - I have become a little addict in one day. So thank you so much!"

Karel Vermeulen

"Wow, I am so blown away! Matt you have made it so simple ... I now have 2687 active leads that I need to follow up on!" 

Kelly Liebenberg

"Since spending 1.5 hours on one day reaching out to my connections, I have set up 12 meetings, 6 of which I've had already already ... 1 equated to R300 000 a month turnover and the other R150 000 a month turnover!"

Renier Lombard

"It has been absolutely phenomenal! I have been on a lot of courses ... this has been THE most beneficial course I've been on! I highly recommend it ... spend the money, you'll make money."

Karl van Staden

"Super practical. You're doing stuff ... getting stuck in and doing it. I would recommend it to anybody and can really say it was truly valuable!"

Wim Billman

"Best money we've ever spent! The day flew by ... a lot of valuable content. Thanks Matt!"

Eberhard Niklaus

"We achieved results during the day ... I've got some actual tools. It's really awesome to generate leads and to fill your sales pipeline!"

Arthie Moore

"It was really mind-blowing for me! Within a few hours I got another 300 connections! This is the perfect opportunity to actually invest in yourself and your business."

Terry Flack

"I have termed Matt "the Expert's Expert'! He is a formidable trainer ... if you get the chance to do this course, I highly recommend it!" 

Beverley Wharton-Hood

"It was absolutely brilliant! Even during the course I've already made connections and grown my network! I would highly recommend it ..."

Clive Kaplan

"I recovered my money while I was sitting in the program! It has made a HUGE difference to my business. And now I'm going to the next level with Matt with the next program that he has to offer!"

Helen Williams

"Within my first week of launching, I gained even more leads drawn from my social media platforms and also increased my on-board client base by 100% in the first week!"

Jacques Velleman

"Matt has the ability to think differently. I was able to increase my revenue substantially ... it has made a tremendous difference!"

Carrie Myton

"Matt really has mastered leverage. The results in my own business have been absolutely incredible! I'm getting paid more, so I'm getting more free time and I'm getting more leverage and much better results!"  

Daan Schmidt

"I have been in Matt's program for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say these results are amazing! My ability to sell has changed. Matthew has really challenged us to think differently about our products and services ... and to really see our value."

Robbie Ragless

"Matt did wonders for our company and allowed us to pay the rent! Him and his team are a cut above the rest. They are breaking new ground and we are ecstatic to work with them!"

Kate Emmerson

"I love that Matt and Wesley have got my back. If you are looking for someone who can really support your business, chat to Matt and Wesley from The Virtual Edge."