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Sri Seshandri - CEO Coach Of Mid-Market Companies

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Sri Seshandri helps CEOs of mid market companies and their senior teams grow and scale their business. 

So essentially I was working with very large organizations. And I wanted to shift that focus to working with CEOs of mid market companies, and how a different kind of impact. And as I was making that shift, I was, part of a group where I was getting all of the training to be a business coach. So you have the IP to do the work. But there's another piece of the puzzle in terms of finding the clients and finding the right kind of clients, where you can have meaningful impact, and also being able to kind of describe what you do in an effective way. And, and so it was a combination of those things where I was looking for somebody to kind of help me with that


What Are Some Of The Challenges You Had Before Joining The RainMaker Program?

For me, very early on, what really can influence me was the way you guys actually did this, in terms of reaching out to me connecting with me, and the conversation that happened with Michelle and, Sharon, there was just a ton of clarity. And I recognize that I came into the call with a certain mindset, and I didn't challenge the sales training. The prospects and the customers mindset, and I saw you guys doing it, happening in action, and help me reframe, you know, even if you're really good at sales, which I think I am, unless you have the other pieces in place, you're not going to be very effective. And so, when you guys start talking about the importance of being crystal clear on who is your ideal client, how do you have an effective pickup line, LinkedIn makeover, all those things that really resonated with me And help me recognize that there's a few things that I need to get in place.

When Did You Realize You Needed To Join The RainMaker Program?

So when I had to call it Michelle, it was a short call, and I guess, yeah, it was a discovery of scope call whatever you guys call it, and then that she asked me a few questions, and a couple of questions she asked me was, how much are you making per month? When you look at the last year, and 2020 was brutal for me because my worst scepter because a lot of my business involves me flying around the world and so forth. And so I mentioned that number, and she said, Where do you want to be? I told her number and she said, she, you're leaving that much on the table every month. And that really strike a chord. Right? And, and in that moment, I said, I don't want to put up with that anymore. I need to take action, I need to fix this.

How Did The RainMaker System Signature Solution Impact Your Business?

It's night and day, to put it very simply, compared to where I was last year, versus where I am right now. So my offers are kind of higher.
By the first week of January, already, and made like massive progress towards my annual goal. And I got another client
and I have a few more prospects that I'm talking to. So beginning to feel that the annual gold I set might have been too conservative, I need to
upgrade. And so that's kind of completely changing how I think about right. And so there was a time that I thought making, you know,
$200,000 a year, like top $300,000, it's really unlikely and beyond. And those numbers seem like I need to go beyond that,
in terms of my goals. When I think about what I had set my goals for three years and five years, I might need to bring them in a little bit further,
the way things are going. And it's because I'm able to deliver amazing results to my clients, right, to create value for my clients.

What was the support like?

I think the group programs are powerful, and play a role where imagine this, you're watching somebody who's a couple of steps ahead of you,
they can be an inspiration to you, but if that is all you have, I think that is insufficient. And that's why I love the format of the Rainmaker system
where you have the group calls, but you also have one on one calls, so you can go deep on what's really important to you. And that combination,
I think is what makes made this such a good investment, and invest in other programs for various all group calls.
I feel like I got so much done, it's just a half our caller in our on call, or even on the groups that if you just get 15 minutes of focused attention, as huge.

If Someone Is At The Stage Where They're Considering Working With Us, And They've Been Through That Process, What Would You Say To Them?

Being very self sufficient, independent, I'm gonna figure it out, can become a liability when you go beyond a certain stage. Yeah. And so
being able to recognize that, and being open to asking for help, I think is the key. Imagine, you needed some legal help, you will
try to do it yourself. Right, it doesn't mean that you could have gone to law school and become a great lawyer, but you didn't go down that path,
you chose a different path. So you bring in those experts to help you in those areas. And I think the same thing here,  just because I'm an
expert in leadership development, or I'm an expert in organization development, or change management or whatever doesn't mean that I'm also an
expert in sales, marketing and business development.

So hold on to your expertise, but look for other people with proven track records. So be very diligent in who you work
with, do all that research, but then trust somebody and trust the process. That would be my core message.
Right, you can get amazing results, but you have to be willing to do the work.


" So be very diligent in who you work
with, do all that research, but then trust somebody and trust the process. That would be my core message.
Right, you can get amazing results, but you have to be willing to do the work. "


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