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10 Ideal Clients In The Next 60 Days


Thursday, 24 September


17:30 pm EST

What You'll Discover In This Masterclass


Choose who you work with and never have to use paid ads to easily enrol new clients 


A repeatable and scalable high ticket client acquisition blueprint


Add an extra $20k to $100k per month to your business without working more

About Your Host Sharon Zehavi

Sharon is the most kickass branding strategist you'll ever meet. Not only has she worked on some huge campaigns for famous brands around the world (like Nissan, Skechers, Avis and more), she's an international speaker, an award-winning best selling author and a TV host with her own segment on Canadian National TV. When she's not doing all of that, she is a mom to one of the cutest creatures ever created and an amateur yogi.
Sharon worked as a branding and design consultant for big companies around Asia, Europe and North America, when she decided she would like to help small companies with a real spark to make the world a better place and grow bigger, instead of helping big companies get even bigger.
Sharon is a real fireball and is always moving forward no matter what. That’s the kind of coach she is... She never stops until she gets them the results they are after! 
It’s no surprise that after meeting with Matt and Wesley for the first time she immediately got on board to become the branding master for all Rainmakers!
Those who got a chance to meet Sharon in person may not be surprised to learn that she is also a stage and TV performer and enjoyed spending her time letting many of her personalities out once in a while. She can also sing and even tap dance - a real “dancing in the rain” kind of Rainmaker ;)