LinkedIn™ Rainmaker System

Business Owners Roadmap To Consistently Creating High Value Leads In 30 Days Without Going Through A Gatekeeper

  • How to go from focusing on everyone to focusing on the one
  • Creating an irresistible pickup-line for your ideal client
  • Turning your LinkedIn profile from ego-centric to a client-centric sales page
  • How to instantly boost your credibility and pick up clients along the way
  • Creating conversations that build relationships
  • How to write content that positions you as the authority
  • Making offers that get clients on calls with you wanting to buy
  • How to create an abundance of your ideal leads that you can pick and choose from
  • Going from a manual process to an automated, exponential LinkedIn profile




Beginner - Intermediate

The Automation Academy

The 3 Step System To Double Your Business In The Next 6 Months Without Everything Relying On You

  • The Automation Academy - 9 courses and over 50 lessons with downloadable content and fillable worksheets - ($22,377 Value)
  • Private Facebook accountability and support group with live coaching sessions and interviews with experts - ($1,897 Value)
  • Monthly coaching webinars - ($2,155 Value)
  • Monthly live Q&As - ($2,157 Value)
  • Access to a success coach - ($3,274 Value)
  • Access to tech support - ($1,872 Value)
  • BONUS 1: LinkedIn™ Rainmaker System - 9 modules with 37 video lessons and downloadable content - ($14,055 Value)
  • BONUS 2: Facebook Kickstarter Program - ($2,747 Value)




Intermediate - Advanced