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The World's Leading LinkedIn Training To Get 2 - 5 High-Value Leads In 60 Minutes A Day

Rain-Making Results For Partners

17.2% Average 

Conversion Rate

$2000 / Sale - 15% Commission At $285 / Sale After Admin Fees

Swipe & Deploy Promo Content

Payouts From Thrive Cart After 14 Days

Live Webinar Training With Replay

Offer Will Convert To Evergreen

Crystelle Got A 52% Show Up After 3 Promo Emails

Paul Did $249 Per Attendee From Only 133 Registrants

Craig Achieved A 67% Conversion After Replays

What Are You Promoting?

Free Live Webinar Training

Your customers are invited to attend a free online training to learn how to get 2 - 5 high-value leads from LinkedIn per day without paying for ads.

Your customers will discover 3 key secrets to unlocking LinkedIn's unlimited potential to generate leads and create more sales.

Whether they decide to sign up to the Rainmaker Lead System program or not, they will walk away with practical knowledge they can implement right away and get results. In fact, we've even had people generate leads while on the training!

Who Does This Work Best For?

This training is ideal for business owners who want to make a big impact on the world they serve. They typically sell high value products or services (Life Time Value of $3K+) and are established businesses. Businesses that want to grow from 6 - 7 figures and beyond.

To give you some specifics, here are some of the industries that have achieved the greatest results:

  • Consulting
  • Business Finance
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Professional Services
  • Coaches
  • IT
  • Freelancers
  • Education
  • B2B Businesses
  • Real Estate

What Makes The Rainmaker Lead System So Unique And Powerful?

9 Steps To Double Revenue

Our online course empowers Entrepreneurs with everything they need to double their revenue in 6 - 9 months using the proven 9 Step Rainmaker Lead System... whether they are new to LinkedIn or an experienced user.

Rainmaker Power Hour

All it takes is 60 minutes using the system each day to generate 2 - 5 high-value leads. Ready-to-go message templates make it easy to convert leads into sales calls within 2 messages. Entrepreneurs typically have 2 - 7 sales calls per day and because this system is so targeted they are closing upwards of 30% of these calls.

Accountability & Coaching

Entrepreneurs have access to two live weekly group coaching calls with our high-level results driven coaches. These sessions are designed to accelerate Entrepreneurs' results, answer questions and hold them accountable so they can accelerate their success.

Easy To Automate

Results are our number one priority so that Entrepreneurs can quickly get to a state where they can automate the process to save time and scale their results.


For Entrepreneurs who don't have the time, we provide done-for-you services where our team manage all the LinkedIn lead generation and Entrepreneurs step in when they have a qualified sales call booked.

Here Are Some Results From Rainmakers Students


"Before the end of the year we will have 10x our business, even with a 7 figure monthly turnover."


"We generated over $100k in sales using this system in less than a year and that's not even trying hard."


"12 calls, 6 new clients at $1450 per client in 2 weeks. That's a 50% closing rate and $8700 in new business."

Rain-Making Payouts

Once your promotion ends, enjoy 50% of your commissions - after a sale!

Your remaining commission (less refunds) will be paid out after 30 days.

Some More Rainmaker Results

"I've probably doubled my income this year compared to my results last year." - Lee

"I get 5 - 10 calls a day... People are running after me!"

- Godfrey

"I’m bringing on 2 new guys just because I can’t keep up with it myself.” - Jeremy

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Rainmaker Membership

You will receive immediate access to the Rainmaker Lead System so that you can see exactly what you will be promoting. Breeze through it to get the gist of it or dive straight in and use it for your business. We recommend the latter.

Swipe And Deploy Copy

To make it super easy for you to start your promotion, we have prepared proven swipe file copy for you to 'swipe and deploy' with minimal tweaks to make it super impactful for your audience.

Referral Partner Dashboard

One place for you to track all your sales and grab your promotion links.

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