“The business has grown by 20 to 30 % over the last year”

Packt Publishing

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Packt Publishing

Founded in 2004 in Birmingham, UK, Packt's mission is to help the world put software to work in new ways, through the delivery of effective learning and information services to IT professionals.

Working towards that vision, we have published over 6,500 books and videos so far, providing IT professionals with the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done - whether that's specific learning on an emerging technology or optimizing key skills in more established tools.

As part of our mission, we have also awarded over $1,000,000 through our Open Source Project Royalty scheme, helping numerous projects become household names along the way

You guys initially came to us because you were trying to reach more experts, so you could get them to write more books... What were some of the other things that we started solving as we went through this?

I think for me, the most valuable part was honing in and developing that proposition, uh, that Packt brings to the contributors who we work with. It's more. Of course they'll want to write a book, publish to hopefully create value for the people who purchased that specific title. Going through the process with you guys helped us think more about what objectives that specific contribute to what they may or may not have, whether they're being driven altruistically, they've got some really great information and wisdom and insight that they want to share with the world, whether or not they've got specific objectives around their professional development, do I want to publish a book in order to increase my reputation and my networks and all those kinds of things.

So maybe you can take us through some of the things that we covered and what were some of the results that you guys experienced as we went through this?

I think it's given the team more confidence in the conversations that they have with those individuals . It practically has meant that we've been able to develop the team far more offensively for new starters and create very strict 

and robust training and education courses. That means that we can bring everyone up to a high level in regards to their interactions.

in terms of numbers, which we've probably seen in like a 20 to 30% improvement in regards to contracting performance. 

I say that hesitantly because in the world of publishing, actually seeing what the outcomes is a really long-term thing because ultimately we're working in and talking to authors now where we won't see the products of the outcomes of their specific books for the next kind of 12 to 18 months.

Do you have any, any idea around how many of the leads, how many BG you guys generate within the processes?

So in the past, we had a team of individuals who would work in areas like Twitter and LinkedIn, trying to look at which authors we might want to work with, which authors have something to give. And so to share with communities, we kind of flipped that on its head and developed a proposition, which became more inbound focus in so much as we have this. 

I think as a result of that, we've had about 500 to 600 qualified leads come through that process. Now, not all of these individuals are going to be, you know, the best people to potentially write books. But one of the key outcomes we've been looking for is to ensure that we have a role for everybody who shows an interest and wants to work to help either contribute to the community or help develop their own professional career.

So let's start with the company. And what has it helped the company in terms of the branding in terms of what you're putting on to the world.

I think from the, from the organization's perspective, it goes back to what I was talking about before about there's been a fundamental change in culture and priority in some much as it becomes, what can we do to help people move forward with their professional careers?

What can we do to help them share their knowledge with communities? Um, because we focused on more, um, inbound campaigns, crazy landing pages, creating content assets, like, um, interviews Q and A's with the other office have been free that. It's enabled us as a brown to represent more that we're on the side of the contributors and to give us a competitive edge in regards to, um, being far more, uh, visible, transparent and public about what that process looks like.

What would you say to people that are watching this and thinking, you know, considering working with the virtual edge?

Yeah, I think, um, I, I definitely encourage it. I think. If you're thinking about looking at the virtual edge to improve your lead generation processes, be prepared to think that actually I need to reevaluate my corporate position. I think that's something I hadn't thought clearly about. Um, in anticipation of, of me saying you guys are working with you.

Um, but I wish I had. Who made me confront the fact that maybe my proposition isn't amazing and there's more work that could be done in terms of developing it and making it truly compelling, which then makes the lead generation portion of the process so much easier.


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