“now we have consistency around 10k a month”

Michelle Burke - Founder Of Bossibly

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Michelle helps female professionals in the IT field advance in 90-days through the Visible & Valuable method.

Bossibly is an organization that empowers women in the workplace. We help
 women be the boss of their career by treating it like a business. So that means that we help them get promoted, we help them make more money, we help them become more fulfilled in what they're doing. So they might be bored. And we wind up talking to our clients, researching and determining what they should do in their own career. So we walk them through the steps of here's what you should do. If you were if you own your own business, use the same principles for your career.

Michelle burke

Can You Tell Us Why Did You Join The RainMaker Program?

Sure, so we were playing a bit of whack a mole, before we work with you guys. And we had a roller coaster of revenue, I think that was probably a good way to put it. We, we really weren't sure what we were doing wrong. We were also focused on b2b and b2c, so business to business and business to consumer. So we were chasing after a bunch of different things. We really needed clarity on how to scale so that when we made the decision to work with your team, it was based on scalability, we knew what we were doing wasn't scalable. We knew what we were doing wasn't predictable. And we need we had no idea how to get out of our own way.

What Was Life Like Before Join The Rainmaker Program?

Well, there was more of a microscope. Yeah, I would say micros there's more of a microscope on the finances. So Oh, you'll love this is new information. I, we just purchased HubSpot! So we would not have been in a position to do that. I just it was like spent the whole year buying the whole thing professional, which is expensive. That thing is expensive. I would not have done that six months ago. So now I know that I have the ability to make the revenue. I know that I can produce the revenue. So life before working with all of you was: Can I make the revenue? Is it possible? I'm not sure. How do I go about doing that? You know, and then the chase starts. Yeah, so a lack of predictability.

How Did The Rainmaker System Signature Solution Impact Your Business?

Sure. So I would say we, because we started at the end of last year with you all and, we were not in a place where we were selling consistently, and we were for sure under 10k a month and it would it would vary. Now, we are above 10k each month, so we can hit that on a regular basis. We've had a 24k a month, some of that was some b2b and we turn it off the b2b and solely focused on the b2c but I think we had a sale yesterday for 6k right. So That's good! Yeah, that's right! I'm counting it for April! Hahaha! It was technically, in March, but whatever, I'm counting for April. So I think that now we have consistency around 10k a month. And our intention is to we are obviously continuing with all of you to get to the 20k a month with consistency. And I, I do have the confidence that we can do that. So I didn't have that kind of confidence before.

What was the support like?

Yeah, I was dubious because I've been promised support historically, and it didn't materialize. I what  love about this team is the ability to
provide support in various ways, various avenues, various mechanisms. So what does that mean? So I know we have our regular coaching calls, I can show up and ask a question. You can also feed that into the conversation for the boardroom. I'm like Wes I don't know where I'm supposed to submit this so here are my questions via email he's like that's fine that's totally fine. I know I can reach out to Debbie and and ask for Can you send me this SAP or can you send me the job descriptions for the cetera and the sales done over the Facebook or looking Sam post some things today on on LinkedIn and like, oh, maybe I should go check my account and asked her is this is this fine? She's like, yeah, you're fine. So there are more and and there's I know there's boxer I don't necessarily use that that often because I I like email and I like the other avenues, but it's nice to be able to have the not just one person, but multiple people that will help and have the different ways to have that happen. So whether it's email or social media or coaching calls, or bit of boxer that and and you actually do what you say you're going to do, which is huge

If Someone Is At The Stage Where They're Considering Working With Us, And They've Been Through That Process, What Would You Say To Them?

So my experiences, I was looking for this solution. So I would recommend that someone that is entertaining, have the initial conversations, kick the tires, ask the questions that they're you know, ask the questions that they're concerned about. Discuss the fears and the risks that they have. Make sure that that they check those boxes, we check the boxes, and ask faster questions to get the answers to be more comfortable. Do the research, right. Do the research. Watch the videos? Look at the it's the guy the, not the mantra, it's the manifesto, right Manifesto. You all live the manifesto. We want to create our Manifesto. I haven't done that yet. But that I would say, have the conversations, ask the questions, discuss the good, bad and the ugly in order to get the answers that you need.


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