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Michael Palumbos - Family Wealth and Legacy System


Michael helps family owned businesses get fully aligned and ready to scale in 120 days using the family wealth and legacy system.

So family businesses are complex systems that are different than the typical business because with a typical business, you go home, and you're with a family business, you may go home, and you're still seeing the same people that you work with, or you and you go to the family, dinners, holidays, you're spending time with them 24/7, and a lot of times, for many of those families, and the businesses, the emotion of being family members, gets involved in inside and carried through the business. And so we help them to get fully aligned, and thinking all in the right path so that they can scale.

Michael palumbos

What Challenges Where You Facing Before Joining The RainMaker Program?

“Putting in a repeatable process for onboarding clients, and I really struggled with what we do. I'm kind of one of those geeks, in terms of I love to learn new things. Yeah. And so, for 20 years, I've been a financial advisor, I just happened to serve mostly family owned businesses. Well, because, through the years, we saw all these family dynamic things. So I went out and got trained, and hung around with a lot of people that were, family Wealth Advisors, and they dealt with the soft side, the psychological the dynamics of the family. As we were doing it. It was piecemeal, and it was painful. Love them. And no, this is not a shout at them. It's just a matter of that. They didn't have a process for pulling things out quickly. Yeah. And so we found the system referred by, another client of yours. And just after listening to them, I'm like, got on a call.”

How Did That Affect Your Business?

“It was, if you can't tell your story. It's hard to get new clients. I mean, that's at the end of the day, this journey for me started four years ago, when we went into Interview with a perfect client and we crashed and burned. I mean, this was like, it probably $250 million revenue business, fifth Generation family owned a client, the perfect client.
And we just, we just sucked. We couldn't articulate what we were wanting to say. And so I went on a journey to say we are never going to be in that position again!”

How Did The RainMaker System Signature Solution Impact Your Business?

“So what changed for us is the fact that now we have that map of what clients need and what prospects needed, and how when we talk about
all the different things that we do, and where they fit in the process. So, that we just brought on a new client, it's probably easiest,
just to talk about a case study that worked, we laid the signature solution in front of them, and talked about helping, you know, I like that!

What was the support like?

“You need to find mentors, and you need to ask people because people are willing to help and they want to help and you guys are the same way. You've got the Facebook group, you can post things in there, you have, daily classes, you may jump on one of the classes or one of the group coaching sessions, and that may not be your focus that day. I know that if I jumped on to the Monday motivational time and said, Matt, Wes, I'm struggling with A, B or C, even though it's not, this focus, you'd say: "okay, great, send me what you're doing so that on Tuesday, we can deal with that, or Wednesday, whatever". Yeah. Love it, absolutely love it program, it's a nice program, the way you've got the setup of each of the different days is something different."

If Someone Is At The Stage Where They're Considering Working With Us, And They've Been Through That Process, What Would You Say To Them?

“I mean, in simple terms, just do the math, the, the investment in your program, versus what I've already gotten out of it, it was at negligible. And as a percentage, and in the fact that there's, there's so many things that I'm positive that I haven't taken advantage of in the program, as of yet, because I've only been in it for three months for three months. And so it's, you know, as, and I haven't been on every single one of the weekly calls, I don't even know what's in some of them. And I've had these kinds of results. I would say that, it's just a, it's an easy investment, it's a great team to work with. And if you're, looking to have an impact in the world, and the people that you serve, then just pull the plug and go do it.”

"If you can't tell your story. it's hard to get new clients"

Michael Palumbos // Family Wealth and Legacy System



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