I’m becoming better at sales without being a sales Person” - How Mark Closed $75k

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Tell Us A Bit About How  Did The RainMaker Program Impact Your Business?

So... I know that I'm really good at what I do because my clients keep coming back to me, but I would literally finish a project and I will wait for them to call me. How ever with the Rainmaker signature solution now, I know what the next discussion should be about without being salesy. I just show them my signature solution and they go : wait a second, send that to me. And after that I'd follow up and say: ok we did step one what about step two, three or four? They will come up with a plan in line with my signature solution and they will know how to fully implement. I have a path forward with every client I'm working with. I've never had that before.

How Has The RainMaker System Helped Your Business In Terms Of Lead Generation?

I got to share something with you, our recent interchange, I'm presenting this to the client and I get to the last page, the investment then the page after that, where it's got the guarantees and the bonuses. And they, without me saying anything, they go : wow I really liked the bonuses and the guarantees. And the scarcity, the owner she had already asked, can we do this in February? And I said, no, I can't start till April. And on the call, she's saying Mark, we want to schedule this right now because we know your time is scarce.

The president who reports to the CEO and owner, he said : boy, I really liked that because I know that I'm going to get the help from you to make this happen and that was one of the bonuses. And I said, absolutely well, it's interesting I do that anyways, I just never called it. I'm just, I'm always invested in my client's success, I want them to be wildly successful. And so I just do it, but now if it's called out as a value add.

Can You Tell Us More About The Coaching Experience?

I've started telling my clients that, that same thing and you guys are my coaches know. And so I was like I have a coach and they go brilliant. And they go : I think it's valuable. Why wouldn't I have one? And they start looking at it. It really is a good message. Actually. It's, you're doing what you're telling people to do.


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