"Scoring 30% more was a really big result for me"

Luc Timmermans - Business Consultant


Luc is a business coach and consultant who work with medium to large organizations, helping them implement the right strategy to translate vision into results

So I used to call myself coach and I call myself consultant. And I'm actually I'm not both, for me a big, big plus was that doing the rainmaker program made me more insightful, about where I am matters, and what I do for customers. I work with companies on my own with partners, support helping them translate vision into results. And I really like to challenge the customers to take those steps, putting words into action and into results. 


So maybe you can tell us what were the problems that you were facing before you started working with us.

There weren't any real problems, they were ambitions and my ambition is really to do what I do for the limited number of companies at the moment, I really like to extend to a bigger audience. And up till recently, my acquisition was mainly based on referrals. And I've been quite successful at that. But I wanted to extend my client base pretty fast, to be able to do more business, but also to be able to avoid the pitfall of working too long for a limited number of clients. Especially in COVID, if one or two of them get into trouble, then I would get in trouble. That's one reason to start working with Rainmaker system. The other one has to do with, and that's something I found out during the program, that even though I think I have a good story to tell the customers, this can be much better, and can have more impact talking to customers, not only what I think I'm good at, but what really would help them move along their business, working on lead generation, but especially putting together a really value proposal which really triggers customers to say: I need that program from you, I want to work with you, because that's going to help. And that has been a very interesting journey, I find out even after 10 years in this business, this was not in my head and that's has been for me the number one insight from the Rainmaker program.

What else have you changed in your process that has given you some amazing results?

First one, I did make some changes to my LinkedIn profile approach, I could do a lot more with that, that's also something for the near future. But I think the main change has been in how to build an offer. You mentioned signature solution, I was really intrigued because a lot of very interesting development programs that I talked about earlier, these are programs that take 6, sometimes even 12 months to execute. And there is there are big prices that we asked for that obviously. But not every new customer is willing to immediately make such an investment. So one of the things that is working out for me is I'm now consciously thinking about what small part can take up the client's problem, to work with you in let's say eight to 12 weeks time. It has to trigger the real situation at the customer side has to trigger is real problems. But if you can achieve that, and if you can make a result in eight to 12 weeks time, then to me then it's really easy to continue that first order with for instance a development program for a company, where price, length and investment for customers is no longer an issue. And that has been something that I really picked up from the program, and this is something that I've taken for myself as one of perhaps the key issue that I want to develop, first of this year.

So maybe would you be open to sharing some of your results, if you're not comfortable putting the exact numbers, maybe you can put percentages?

Yeah, I'm happy to talk about percentages. If you look just as an example, I started working with you guys, I think back in September, last year, and obviously we talked a lot about about my forecast prediction for the fourth quarter of 2020. And I had a steep target for myself, obviously, coming out of COVID were called second or third quarter were not slow, but a bit behind the results of the year before. And I knew that I was going to be able to make up for that in q4. So I had put myself target there based on realize opportunities. And actually The end result was that... let me just count, have the numbers in my head, I just have to compare the percentage. I think I over scored by something like 30%. And that's huge in my business. And one of the things I would want to change this with a really good signature solution, you can charge more for more value. But q4 last year, still the general business model and then scoring 30% more. But really the big, big, big result for me,

How would you describe the support? How would you describe the interaction with myself and the team?

Well, community wise, there were actually two aspects that I would like to mention. They're obviously working with the Rainmaker system, the three first one it's a very interesting and good online platform that really keeps you sharp, it's every day so there's no escape and working on the assignments, doing reflections, etc, etc. Putting in the numbers, obviously, also, what are your results, so that's good because it literally keeps you sharp, sometimes it's a bit annoying, but keep you sharp, that's okay. Second one I like to mention is working groups, with fellow employee, nurse, fellow commercial guys, business coach, etc, etc. It's a wealth of information you can learn from each other and it's really fun working together and learning from each other and the third one which was very valuable for me, it's also working one on one. And you've noticed that really took a lot of our our one on one talks also with wrestling. Because then you can really focus on your situation, and really, at a fast pace, to be honest. So the one on one coaching, the one on one guidance is for me, worked very well.

If someone's at the stage of deciding and, you know, it seems that it's good fit, what would you say to somebody who's kind of the stage of deciding?

say, is what for me also, I said, I will talk to Maximus, because that is perhaps as easy. Now, what I would say is, if they're, if they're really confident that they their ambition, that really ambitious in achieving more results in a more fun way, in a more direct way. I say go for it. I mean, one of the things I found out as an entrepreneur is that obviously you're you're you're careful about your money, you're careful about making costs. That's a wise decision. However, if you're really ambitious, and you want to change something in your approach to become more successful, and a lot more successful, you need support, you need challenge. Now, I would say, if you really are ambitious, if you have your goals straight for, let's say, next one, two years, ask for support. Then I would say virtual edge rainmakers, very good way to do that. That's that would be my message to people who are really ambitious.


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