“It was an incredibly smart investment on my part.”

Josie Gammell - Business Executive Coach


Josie Helps Leaders And Their Teams Communicate Effectively In A Virtual World Through The Successful Online Communication Programme.

And I run a consulting business to coach executives in communication skills. So what I've been doing, particularly in the last year, is helping people now with the switch to virtual engagements, understanding how to engage effectively with clients, build their sales and grow their business. Beautiful, love it. And the good thing is that you teach people communication and your communication is simple.


Can You Tell Us Why Did You Join The RainMaker Program?

So what I had been doing in the months leading up to joining Rainmaker was to start to sort of rutile around and think about what is it that I bring exactly my background is acting. So I come from a fairly individualized experience of how I understand being present, and communicating and landing a message and promoting and all those good things. They all come out of my training in being an actor being a performer. So I got as far as knowing how good I am at my job, knowing all the things that I wasn't getting to use yet. And all the ones that I really wanted to start using. But I didn't it's like I was telling was recently, it's like I knew I had this big treasure box. But I didn't know how to introduce anyone to it. And I didn't know how to open it so that others could use it.

How Was The RainMaker Program Crucial In Changing Your Mindset And Getting It Right?

Well, it's an interesting thing, because initially, it is, I found it quite overwhelming, because it's a bit like, Hey, remember, thinking, Okay, well, I'll commit a couple of hours of this to a day and in the meantime, generating my other work and, but it's kind of like a mini MBA in the best possible way. And so my decision was, just keep going, just keep going just keep chipping away at it, chipping away at it. . And it's also this thing about if you're going to build a solid foundation for a business, that's going to go the distance, some of it is just really basic ground work to make sure that you're building a solid foundation. And there are, there are definitely that's a chunk of time where you're just like, just keep doing the next thing, keep working out, keep trying to distill what it is that you can bring to market and who would benefit from that the most. And so in terms of the process, and the mindset, it was very much this is a marathon, not a sprint.

How Did The RainMaker System Signature Solution Impact Your Business?

I first of all, I have come up with my signature solutions. So that is my program. So I got a very clear understanding of what it is that I'm offering, how I'm offering it and why it's effective. And what's brilliant about it, as because it's how it's devised through Rainmaker is that I didn't come up with that. I based my program on the responses I was getting from my ideal client. So I remember a brilliant moment with Wes when he said, it doesn't actually matter if you're right or not, because you're finding out information. And, and so actually, the program
I then devised was based entirely on what people said they needed. This is what people need. This is why I've designed it. And this is the way in which I've designed it to meet the needs that you have communicated to me. So I've, I talk about my clients I've currently got in my pipeline as the Three Bears. I've been booked by the baby bear. And I'm mid process with them. Mama Bear is coming in at the end of the financial year.
So that's very exciting. And then I've got Papa Bear, who is massive, and would be a real game changer. And that could happen next year. But the point is, I'm not just focusing on on those three, because I'm continuously building my pipeline. So it's, it enables me I mean, the thing that I have just used over and over again is a sort of mantra in Rainmaker of divorce the results, marry the process, and have fun.

What was the support like?

I think in terms of support, I felt that the program took me through a sequential process of that made sense to me. You've always got someone like
Debbie on the course to tell you when that is that's coming up down the line. So in terms of support through the system, I would think I would say
that one of the things that you guys really excel at is making us feel known as individuals. We're not just students going through a program,
you get the sense that you're tracking where we're in, where we're individually, where we've got to what we're struggling with, and you're not
afraid of giving us a swift kick in the rear end, if we're not getting done what we said we were going to do, which to be honest, is exactly
what we need is definitely what I needed.

If Someone Is At The Stage Where They're Considering Working With Us, And They've Been Through That Process, What Would You Say To Them?

I would say to them, the thing that changed my mind, the thing that changed my mind, was being asked the question, what will happen if you don't do this? And that was incredibly powerful for me, because I had no plan. I had no plan that would guarantee success. I mean, I had ideas and thoughts. But it's like, look, I've actually, I've got to turn this thing around. And if not, now, then when. And so I could wait another six months, and then I'll still be sitting here thinking, I don't know how to do this. And the thing is, we don't have to be good at everything. That's the thing, I'm a superb coach, I don't I don't need to be a marketing expert. I needed to find people who are marketing experts, you can show me how to do it. I'm not I'm not interested in now going into marketing. You're not I mean, I'm interested in building my business, which I now know how to do. So it's that thing of, you know, get people who actually know how to do this. Let them help you create the business you want to develop.


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