“The business has grown by 20 to 30 % over the last year”

Helgaard Raubenheimer The Tax Shop Accountants Centurion

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Helgaard helps Solar Energy Entrepreneurs grow profits by 53% in 6 months through his growth accelerator system

Sound financial planning can make the difference between staying ahead of the competition, and always playing catch up. When your business is connected to a proper accounting system, you’ll always have a ready set of financial accounts, management accounts and a business cash-flow plan. This makes it easy for lenders to see your business as one worth investing in.


Can You Tell Us Why Did You Join The RainMaker Program?

Before we join you guys, we were accountant to everyone, we didn't specialize in something specific, seating down and deciding on what our pick-up line is going to be, what that did now is that narrowed to what we do, what influence and result we have on client's life, and that also drove our decision to what services and what solution we are going to offer. Before what we did was we did everything, so we went out there we see an accountant does x y z, we would do x y z plus a little bit more. What it also did was, that mentality forced us to basically go out and find client based on price instead of the solution that you offer and the value that you deliver

Tell Us A Bit About How  Did The RainMaker Program Impact Your Sales Strategy?

In the beginning I was very resistant towards moving to the sale side of the business, I've stayed away from it. I would not do live events or webinars or  any of  that kind of stuff, because I was scared. It was completely out of my comfort range, it was not something I would, it was something I would to my business partner to get involved with. Because we now have a structure, I can now drive that process from start to finish, I'm actually enjoying the process. I now have the right point to discuss, the right point to push, towards building up my offer, and then convince the client to accept my price.

How Has The RainMaker System Helped Your Business In Terms Of Lead Generation?

How we received leads in the past was we joined networking groups where we would get leads from, and we also had a website where we advertise, also
in news papers, and on Facebook, and word of mouth. The problem with that was we've got bits and pieces of every types of business, every type of
problem, every client was a unique solution that we had to find for that client in order to work with them. The problem with that is while all your staff
are prepared for that client and how you have to solve their problems, we had to rebuild everything every time. You end up not delivering what you
promised, and it sours the whole deal for everyone. The after we started with Rainmaker, we were clear with what we do and who we want to work with

How Has Your Business Grown Since Joining Us Over The Last Year?

Over the last year not only that we've grown but it's has also allows us the opportunity to resign form clients who did not fit our organization. We've
always had clients who did not want to work with us that we did not enjoyed working with. This whole process has helped us to identify the problem
areas and then get that out of the way, and resigning from clients actually helped us to get better at things and our sanity along the way. The business
has grown by 20 to 30 % over the last year.

What Would Say To Someone Who's Considering Joining The Rainmaker Program?

He you need to convert more client then you definitely needs to join the rainmaker program, if you need to sign the right client then you need to join the Rainmaker program, and yeah it's been a good process for us. You know it's difficult to market for accountants, so it's not a physical product that you sell, services are difficult, people don't understand accountant, they think one accountant and another accountant are exactly the same, when it's never the case, and the guy who gets his marketing right is the guy who signs the right client, and that's what you guys helped with.


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