The #1 online strategy 

to move your business from 4 to 5 figures

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you’re reading this because you have a coaching or consulting business and you’re looking for ways to get new clients, I’m glad that you’re here.

Some people have a working business - they have some clients, they have some success, some team, maybe. They have the foundation - NOW what they need is time, freedom and consistency (those guys are usually at at least 10K a month or more).

If that sounds like you, stop reading this NOW and CLICK HERE to send me an email titled - SHOW ME THE NEXT LEVEL. This is a different conversation. 

BUT most people are actually at another stage, where they are still working on catching momentum.

This group is usually filled with ambitious people, ready to make an impact, wanting to help people, maybe they have a new coaching business or maybe they have done it for a while but have only been relying on networking or referrals… they may have spent a lot of time AND money to try and figure out ads or funnels, or websites, or other online tools BUT they are still below that 10K per month mark AND most of their time is spent trying to prospect instead of ACTUALLY working with clients (which is why they started the business to begin with).If that sounds like you - what you REALLY need to get out of this “hustle” stage is not a funnel or an assistant or a new website, or a mindset coach - you just need NEW CLIENTS. 

We have created a plan... JUST. FOR. YOU.

We took the CORE strategy our most successful clients are using regularly and condensed it to create the #1 online strategy to get NEW CLIENTS NOW. 

We are launching the first NEW CLIENTS group this month, and we are looking for a handful of people to work with over the next 2 months to create some successful case-studies… before our official launch (where the price will be higher).

The outcome is simple: TO GET YOU CLIENTS!

We are aiming to get you at least at 10k a month and we'll give you everything you need to make that happen.
No ads. No funnels. And no tech. The only tool you'll need is your phone.

If this already sounds good - click this button to sign up.


We're going to solve the 3 biggest problems that stop coaches from launching and growing their businesses: 1 - Solving The Wrong Problem, 2 - Attacking Not Attracting, 3 - No Sales Process

What does not having a game plan look like? — You work out of intuition and you are REACTIVE. Never really sure if your targeting is right, your message is right, your branding is right so you are either NOT getting clients OR getting the WRONG clients, but you don’t even know WHY or WHAT needs to be done differently!

  • First Step - Actionable Game plan — getting clarity on your niche and the ONE big problem you can confidently solve for them. (yes, I know you can coach anyone about anything, we'll get faster results with ONE target market).
  • Second Step - Define your message. How to attract your IDEAL clients and show them YOU are what they NEED.
  • Third Step is absolutely a game-changer - running unique ASK Interviews for optimal INSIGHT. This will actually do 2 things for you: 1 – get you absolutely all the information you’ll ever need for attraction, positioning, marketing and even designing your signature solution! 2 – generate qualified and interested leads for you! Yes, that fast.

The result? You'll have 100% clarity and confidence around what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and the real world results you can deliver for your clients, without overwhelm or guesswork.

The second problem we'll solve together is not attracting the RIGHT clients.

  • First - design your signature, high ticket offer. We'll make it a no-brainer for your prospects, and super profitable for you. We're aiming for a $3-5k offer, so we can hit our $15k a month goal with just 3-5 sales a month. 
  • Next, we'll show you OUR UNIQUE OUTREACH STRATEGY to connect and build relationships with 30 new ideal prospects every day using LinkedIn (the strongest platform for B2B sales hands down. show pie LinkedIn, facebook, twitter) and absolutely no ads.
  • Then, we’ll show you a simple content strategy (that anyone can do) that will use all the information you gathered in the Game Plan to attract more of your ideal clients without you having to become a copywriter or marketing expert! Just simply being the EXPERT that you ARE. 

Now, we have hot leads coming in every day, and your sales pipeline is filling up.

The third and final problem is that you have no sales process. Leads are great but you need to get them across the line to turn them into clients. and you don't need to be a sales expert to do that. 

  • First, we’ll implement the Rainmaker Enrollment Process and give you the EXACT scripts WE use to get your prospects on a call. These scripts alone are a HUGE piece. You just implement those and I guarantee you, you’ll save time, energy, money AND, of course - get more “yes”s than you've ever gotten before.
  • These are all pieces we want to put in place to make sure you will have a high conversion rate, even if you are not an experienced salesperson. Because then we can polish your sales conversion journey to get your closing rate up to at least 30% - without being salesy or awkward … and it works on any platform – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or even your existing database!
  • Then finally, we’ll give you our Power Hour Game Plan so you can consistently rinse and repeat the process in an hour a day to make sure you can sustainably grow your business without relying on referrals, opportunities or chance!

This is how you get clients every week.

We called this program NEW CLIENTS because that’s our only focus here. Most coaches, consultants or advisors are only a few clients away from adding an extra $8k - $12k per month and changing their financial future – our goal is to help you get there!

Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be creating this training LIVE – we’re only looking to work with a small group of people who can implement, test and report back results!

Here's how it will work...

Each week, we'll focus on one of the client-getting strategies.

Then, we'll get together weekly as a group to talk about it and brainstorm the specific application to your business… so you can put it into action and report on your results.

I'll be spending one-on-one time with you to make sure we maximise your results. The more you implement...the more I'll work with you.

We are going to put a lot of OUR time and effort to your success, so I'd like you to be sure YOU have 2-3 hours a week to dedicate to this over the next couple of months.

The cost is $550 a month for 3 months (or $1500 paid in full so you can save $150! Yay!).

I'd love to work with you!

Click the "I'm IN" button if you’re ready to take some action and start playing at the level YOU KNOW you were meant to play at, and let's take it from there.

Talk soon :)

Matt & The Rainmaker Team


I know it’s annoying to see all these online courses promising lots of things and not knowing if this one is really going to be worth it. So I’m going to make your decision really easy, ok?

Join our NEW CLIENTS pilot program and I will also give you two of our top programs valued at $3,000 as bonuses: The Online Sales Call Domination and The Forecasted Year, including worksheets, exclusive recordings, strategies and easy to implement tips and tricks. 

(images of programs \ bundle)

I know that sounds really exciting, but I also know that any time you invest time and money to work with a coach, there’s a risk. Right? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s not as good as he said? 


Best Case Scenario: 

Over the next 2 months, you design a world-class program. You get leads. You sign clients. You get $10k a month in recurring revenue. You finally have a strong and consistent coaching or consulting business where you can make a real impact and have a proper lifestyle.

That’s the best case. 

Worst Case: 

Maybe it doesn’t work. Maybe you’re a few weeks in, and you decide it’s not for you. Or the content isn't quite right, or maybe you jumped too soon, or you can’t stand my face anymore...

In which case, I’ll buy it back from you at whatever you paid.

AND you still get to keep all the materials we've covered. And all of the bonuses. You'll be smarter, and still have the skill sets... But you won't have to pay for it AT ALL. And, I'll even throw in an extra $20, so you can buy yourself this t-shirt -

So worst case — you get a t-shirt :)

So that way, there's no risk to give it a go and get started, is there?

So, where do you think we should go from here?

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