LinkedIn Automation Fast Track

Get Your LinkedIn Automation Set up And Running Successfully In 4 Weeks So That You Can Generate 2x More Leads Leads On Autopilot And Get Your Time Back

  • LinkedIn Automation Fast Track Online Course
  • 2x Conversion Message Templates
  • Connection2Customer Enrolment Blueprint
  • Daily Tips, Feedback and Discussion in the Facebook Group
  • BONUS - Advanced LinkedIn Searches In Sales Navigator
  • BONUS - Tech Support 

From Matt Clark And Wesley Longueira

Hey Rainmakers,

The world we’re living in today is a different place from where we were just a couple of months ago.

Radical changes to our daily lives and how we work has meant that…

Traditional businesses are failing.
Certain products and services have become obsolete almost overnight.
And the way we connect and engage with each other depends on a couple of key platforms and an internet connection. 

And, while we completely understand just how tough it has been for a lot of businesses - we believe this is one of the greatest gifts

Because it’s forcing us to make a decision. 

Pivot or die. 

If you pivot and adapt you will be rewarded with opportunities to not only survive but to completely thrive. 

Like we are and we want the same for you

Right now, the biggest opportunity you have to grow your business beyond what you believe is possible right now is going all-in on LinkedIn. 

Now is the time to be ramping things up fast and the only way you’re going to do this properly is through automation.
We’re conservatively forecasting generating $8,000 in sales per day just by ramping up and automating our LinkedIn Rainmaker Lead System.

The best news is that these results are available to you too! 

Which is why we’ve put together this fast track program to help you get your LinkedIn automation set up and running successfully in 4 weeks so that you can generate 2x more leads on autopilot.

So you can ramp things up and start scaling when it matters most. 

We promise you that getting yourself set up with LinkedIn automation will be one the best decisions you can make to secure your business now and set yourself up to flourish in the coming months. 

We look forward to seeing you inside this program.

Matt & Wes.

Get Your LinkedIn Automation Set up So That You Can Start Generating Leads On Autopilot!

It's taken us years of testing multiple LinkedIn automation systems and strategies to find this one solution that will help you generate at least double the leads in half the time so that you can get your time back and take things to the next level.

LinkedIn Automation Fast track complete online course

Get your LinkedIn automation set up in 4 weeks so that you get double the leads in half the time or less

step-by-step, click-by-click set up

Know exactly how to get everything set up from start to finish even if you're not technical

2x Conversion Message Templates

We’ll equip you with brand new message templates to double your conversion rate. These are designed to build a real connection and genuine rapport with ideal clients despite running largely on automation

Connection2Customer Enrolment Blueprint

The exact sales process we’re using to consistently convert between 60% - 80% of our qualified prospects into paying customers

Daily Tips, Feedback and Discussion in the Facebook Group

You will have access to us and our coaches in the Rainmaker Coaching Facebook group to ensure you get the support you need each step of the way

BONUS - Advanced LinkedIn Searches In Sales Navigator

Get your searches dialled-in so you’re only reaching out to ideal clients who need what you have

BONUS - tech support

Tech support to help you get unstuck whenever you need it

The Right Automation Tool Removes The Heavy Lifting FROM You And Allows You To Focus On Higher-Value Activities, Such As Securing Your Next High-Value Client

How Jeremy Got A $60-$70k Return In 4 Weeks Using LinkedIn Automation

Meet Your Rainmaking Leaders

Matt Clark

Ultimate Rainmaker

Matt is the ultimate Entrepreneur and Sales Expert. He is marrying his beautiful fiancé, Kelly, in 2020 and together they are a powerhouse couple. Matt comes from a hardcore door-to-door sales background in the telecommunications space and was able to create enough success doing this that he built, and then later sold his own telecoms agency, at the age of 25.
This gave him the platform to pursue his online business. He partnered up with Wesley (you have to hear the full story sometime) with the single mission to help business owners create freedom through marketing and sales systems. Today they have helped over 1000 businesses grow.
Matt’s energy is addictive and he always makes an impact on people wherever he goes. He’s become a dynamic and incredibly effective international speaker with the pleasure of speaking on stages around the world in front of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners.
He loves anything that gets his blood pumping and is fueled by the results he can help people achieve. He cares about his clients deeply, tells it as it is (especially when you don’t want to hear it) and most importantly, he holds you accountable to become the best version of who you want to be and to make that impact you want to have in this world.

Wesley Longueira

Rainmaking Machine

Proud Dad to three amazing children with his beautiful wife, Tarryn. Wesley comes from a teaching background and worked his way up the ‘corporate ladder’ managing massive teams in the health and safety space.
He is a systems and marketing ninja and could have easily stuck to the corporate route, but he wanted to have a greater impact and to serve people at a higher level. He then met Matt and with a similar vision they partnered up to create The Virtual Edge.
After the initial grueling years of doing almost everything for anyone, they figured out the biggest problem they solved and who they needed to solve it for - helping coaches, consultants and advisors generate high-value leads, at will, without paying for ads by creating genuine connections with their ideal clients... and the Rainmaker System was born!
Wesley is a mountain biking fanatic (with a few war stories to tell). He is one of the hardest working and smartest business owners you’ll ever meet and there is nothing he cannot solve. Wesley is your coach and is 1000% committed to YOUR results.

100% GuarAntee

If You Attend The Full Program, Show Up To All The Calls, Do All The Work And Do Not Get Your LinkedIn Automation Set Up And Running, We Will Give You A 100% Refund Or Keep Working With You Until You Get Results Within 45 Days. 

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