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I am the Chief Rainmaker, I get to do what I love to do which is sales and marketing. I also get to do something that gets the biggest results in our business: support and serve my team. I have come to understand that failure + perseverance = success. The lessons learned from my story have helped me simplify and do more with less. It's shown me how to identify 'A Team Players' like the guys below.

I started my first company at 23 selling PABX and copiers door to door and myself and my partners at the time aggressively grew the business 300% per year and racked up almost R200 million in sales in 4 years. So I know how to structure sales systems and processes to generate cash quickly.

If I had the knowledge of marketing automation then it would have probably made us sell more. Seeking out and learning from incredibly successful business owners locally and internationally has expanded my view on what is possible and how to go about and I bring all that knowledge and hard work to you so you can experience it too. I love what I do and am fully dedicated to our clients and my team



I am key to the success of our working relationship with our clients, my role is the implementation and client training specialist. My background is training, coaching and mentoring having professionally specialised in this field after I graduated as a Bachelor of Education with Honours from Wits University.

I hail from a learning and development background and have ‘been there and worn the T-shirt’. From teaching to running sizeable training companies and directing university qualifications to working in e-learning and engaging with industry representative board members there is not much that can surprise me. I live by the motto of “doing whatever exposes more people to better learning” hence digital marketing is perfectly suited to my passion.

My passion for people and wanting and getting them to succeed in their business is what ensures you will get success in your business.

I am the ‘go to’ member of our team when we set-up your CRM campaign; decide on how to best use social media; working on the best strategy to get maximum impact out of your activities in inbound digital marketing.


Candice Struthers

I help pull the projects together and ensure all moving parts are working. I play a key role in the execution of our objectives, getting our message to market and least I forget… helping us keep up with Matt and Wes! ;) My background is in business analysis and marketing. This experience enables me to think both creatively and analytically - allowing me to see the detail while keeping sight of the BIG  picture! I LOVE this team and our shared commitment to having a MASSIVE positive impact!



In the team I'm known by my nickname …“Siri”! If anyone wants to know where something is, when it must be done by or who is involved with what, I am that person. My role in the team is to support Matt and Wesley so that they get to focus on what they do best, and I act as the glue that holds our team together. My passion is administration, events management, executive support and client relationship management. I love organising and managing everything from emails and diaries, to events and projects and have a very keen eye when it comes to editing – the team jokes that I give things an “OCD” once-over when I get my hands on it.

With over 20 years of administration and executive support experience in various sectors our clients can rely on me to make sure they have the support to be successful on their Virtual Edge journey.

One common thread throughout my career is that I love ensuring team success and enjoy working to make a difference in people’s lives. I'm here to make sure our clients have someone they can come to when they need something and I'll take care of that, while supporting our team at the same time.

Drop me an email and I’ll be sure to help you get the best out of working with our incredible team and of your journey with The Virtual Edge!



I am the key creator of our content from the development side in the business. My role and responsibilities are to maintain and create content with other key rainmakers. I am the Automation & Web Wizard. I also help our clients with technical inquiries. Problem solving is one of my strongest points.


Sharon Zehavi

I am a kickass branding strategist and have had the awesome opportunity to work on huge campaigns for famous brands around the world (like Nissan, Skechers, Avis and more). I’m an international speaker and award winning best selling author with my own segment on Canadian National TV.

In my past life, I worked as a design and branding consultant for big companies around Asia, Europe and North America. Then I decided that I would like to help small companies make the world a better place and grow bigger, instead of helping big companies get even bigger.

Hence, why I’m your Rainmaker Branding Master. 

When I’m not doing all of that, I’m a mom to one of the cutest creatures around and an amateur yogi. 

As an on stage performer, I can sing and even tap dance - a real “dancing in the rain” kind of Rainmaker ;)